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Winter 2010 Newsletter



Happy New Year!!!


All of us here at Bimini Sands would like to take this opportunity to wish you a truly Happy New Year and best of luck in 2010. 


Thanks to you, this past year proved to be a fun-filled and exciting year for all of us here at the resort, and we are hoping you can join us for an even better time in 2010!  Make sure a stress-free, relaxing get-a-way to the Bahamas is added to your list of resolutions this year!



Mark Your Calendar For These Dates

Valentine’s Day Dinner 
Wine and Dine your sweetie this year with a four-course, candle-lit dinner at the Beach Club Restaurant.




St. Patrick’s Day at Mackey’s
Wear your green and come celebrate with us like the Irish at Mackey’s Sand Bar this St. Patrick’s Day!



February 12-14


March 17



Bimini Hosts Research into the Lost City of Atlantis

One of Bimini’s most famous snorkeling sites is “The Road to Atlantis” or simply “The Bimini Road.” Legend has it that the unique rock formation that can be found off the west side of Bimini is man-made and a small part of the Lost City of Atlantis. Many people believe that the rest of the city is just waiting to be discovered in the ocean’s depths.

Over the years, numerous research crews have ventured to Bimini in an attempt to solve the mystery and make new discoveries about the fabled Lost City of Atlantis, and it seems that the research is still not done. According to the Miami Herald, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), who is devoted to the teachings of the late Edgar Cayce, a U.S. psychic who predicted that Atlantis “will rise near Bimini in 1969,” has hired Gainesville-based Global Underwater Explorers to try to uncover evidence of the Lost Continent of Atlantis near Bimini.



Closed Season for Nassau Grouper

The closed season for Nassau Grouper this year is from January 1 to February 28, 2010. During these two months it is illegal to catch, possess, or sell any Nassau Grouper throughout the Bahamas.

The Nassau Grouper’s population has been sharply reduced by overfishing over the past few years, and being that they are a slower breeding fish, it has proved difficult for the species to recover. In fact, the Nassau Grouper has been recognized as endangered on the IUCN Red List. This closed season is an effort to protect the fish during it’s most vulnerable time, its breeding season.

We ask for your help, and to respect the Bahamian Department of Marine Resources, by refraining from catching this threatened species during this time.

For More Information visit the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Department or email us at:



Bimini Wahoo


Wintertime brings a few different things to the islands of Bimini, cooler temperatures, smaller crowds, and best of all, wahoo. From November through March is the best time of the year to fish for these highly sought-after sport fish.

Wahoo are highly migratory and found worldwide in tropical & subtropical areas. They are also ranked as one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Veteran anglers around Bimini look forward to this time of the year, as they know these sleek ocean predators are both big in size, and in numbers during the winter months.

Not only are wahoo a fast and powerful sport fish, but they are also one the highest-quality fish for eating anywhere on the planet. With a catch-limit of 18 wahoo per vessel, many anglers visiting Bimini for the winter catch enough fish to make sure they can enjoy wahoo dinners for months to come.

Bimini anglers have many different methods to catch wahoo that they swear-by, but generally speaking the best idea is to troll whole or stripped baits or an artificial lure. With wahoo able to reach speeds of over 50 mph, its not uncommon to see boats trolling for them at speeds over 20 kts.



So grab your rods & reels, head over to the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina and see if you can land some of Bimini’s famous wahoo for yourself.



Romantic Valentine’s Dinner


Looking for somewhere to take your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? We’ll look no further. Bimini Sands Beach Club Restaurant will be hosting another one of their Romantic Valentine’s Dinners. The menu is always extraordinary and at just $25.00 per person for a romantic, candle-lit, four-course dinner, you can’t go wrong.

Don’t forget to make your reservations early. You can contact the Beach Club Restaurant at 347-4500.

Make this Valentines Day one they won’t forget.


National Geographic Films on Bimini

The National Geographic Channel has recently made two trips to South Bimini to film two different episodes of the hit fishing show “Hooked.”

The first episode was filmed with the Bimini Biological Field Station (aka Sharklab) back in August and the second episode was filmed with the staff from the Bimini Sands Recreation Department in November.

The show that was filmed with Bimini Sands will be completely dedicated to Bull Sharks and wintertime is the best time to experience these amazing animals on Bimini. This time of year you can witness Bull Sharks cleaning up fish scraps and scooting in and out of the marinas in Alice Town. It is really a sight to see.


New Years Bash 2010

Bimini Sands’ 2010 New Years Party was definitely a night to remember for everyone involved! Our Beach Club Restaurant was packed with guests enjoying our specially prepared menu and of course our always-delicious sushi bar. The Live Entertainment outside drew quite a crowd to our new outdoor tiki-bar where people spent the night dancing, drinking, and enjoying the beautiful weather.

And, of course, Bimini Sands spared no expense on the firework show again this year. Each firework show we have here always seems to top the last, and it was no different with this one. It was 35 minutes of non-stop “oohs” and “aahs” and utter excitement from the crowd.

Then to top it all off, at the stroke of midnight everyone shook their noisemakers with excitement, embraced loved ones and shared in a complimentary toast to celebrate the moment. It was truly a night remember.



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