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Summer 2009 Newsletter



Miss Universe to Bimini

The Bahamas will be getting even more beautiful this August when contestants from over 80 countries arrive for the 58th annual Miss Universe competition.


The Bahamas will be showcasing to the contestants, and to the world that is watching along, the best that this country has to offer, and that includes Bimini. Twenty lucky contestants from the pageant will be visiting Bimini for the whole day on August 8th as part of the pageant’s festivities. While its hard to show, or even explain to people all that Bimini has to offer in just one day, the Miss Universe contestants will get to experience a wide range of sights and activities while on the island. From visiting Bimini’s pristine beaches, to meeting local legends like the Bimini Boat-Builder Ansil Saunders, its bound to be a fantastic visit to the island.


And how will the Miss Universe contestants finish their trip to Bimini? The same way that everyone should end their day around the island, and that’s with a trip to Mackey’s Sand Bar!



Lobster Season Open

Get ready for one of the most highly anticipated times of the year around Bimini, the August 1st start of the open-season for Bimini’s Spiny Lobster fishery. Both locals and visitors alike look forward to this date every year, anxious to head out on the water in search of this seafood delicacy.


The Bahamian Government prohibits harvesting lobster from April 1 to July 31 in order to let the population reproduce and recover from the previous years harvest. This also gives the lobsters time to move back onto the reefs and wrecks around Bimini without being taken. As exciting as the open-season for lobster is, there are a few rules to remember when catching some “bugs” for yourself.


1) The catch limit is 10 lobster per vessel, not per person


2) Any lobster taken must have a tail measuring at least 5.5 inches.


3) The taking of egg-bearing females is ALWAYS prohibited


4) The use of traps is prohibited, unless you have a specific permit


5) The use of bleach, or any other noxious substance, is prohibited


6) The use of SCUBA equipment to capture any marine product is prohibited


7) And while it is ok to use pole-spears or Hawaiian slings to catch lobster in the Bahamas, it is always prohibited to spear fish or lobster within 200 yards from shore around Bimini.



Independence Day Celebrations

This year can go down in the books as the best celebration Bimini Sands has ever had for both the American and Bahamian Independence days! It all started with the American celebration on the 4th of July. Live music, fun & games, fantastic food, and never ending Kaliks set the mood. Then the half an hour firework show followed by a traditional Bahamian Junkanoo Rush dressed in all red, white, and blue made it truly and night not to forget. The party at the Beach Club went until all hours of the night and I don’t think a single soul could say they were disappointed.


Then, less that a week later, on the 10th of July we did it all over again to celebrate the Bahamian Independence day! Having just gained their independence in 1973, the locals still party like it just happened yesterday! So, all of us here at Bimini Sands planned another huge celebration to commemorate the occasion. Traditional Bahamian food, drinks & music kept every happy and the entertainment for the night could not be beat. There were fun games and activities for all to enjoy, along with a fashion show displaying traditional Bahamian attire, another spectacular firework extravaganza, and Junkanoo dancers, but this time all dressed in black, yellow, and blue (the national colors of the Bahamas). Truly a memorable night for all!


If you missed it this year, not to worry, we can’t wait to do it again in 2010! And since each year seems to be better than the last, next years Independence Celebrations are two night you definitely won’t want to miss!!!



Bimini's Rare Catch

Usually found in the Pacific Ocean, this rare fish to the Atlantic is called an Opah (Lampris guttatus). It was caught by Zane Pratt (seen pictured here) who’s family owns a home right here on South Bimini. Opah, frequently a by-catch in the tuna fishery, has become quite popular in the seafood markets, especially in Hawaii.


Have you caught an impressive or unsual fish in Bimini lately? We would love to hear about it. Send us a photo and description so we can post it on our message board or in our next newsletter.



Banana Boat Rides

Don’t miss our newest activity being offered here at Bimini Sands –Banana Boat Rides!!! Seating up to 6 people, our Banana Boat Rides are fun for the whole family and stable enough for people of all ages.


The fun-filled rides leave from the Beach Club Beach and zip you around the south side of South Bimini where you will see beautiful mangroves, South Bimini’s plane wreck, and even the legendary Sapona in the distance.


The rides are offered every Saturday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm all summer long, and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face that climbs aboard.

For more information on this or any of our other activities offered at Bimini Sands visit or contact the Bimini Sands Recreation and Activities Department.



Information Board

If you have not seen it yet, check out our new display board located just outside the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Office.


The new three-sided display is filled with our most current information about the activities and events planned during your stay, helpful maps of places to go and things to see, the most up-to-date Bahamian sport fishing regulations, and more. Bimini Sands strives to keep our customers as informed as possible in an effort to make each trip to Bimini better than the last.


In addition to the useful information, the board is also slowly being filled with fun photos taken around the island and resort. If you have a photo that you think would make a nice addition to the display case, just bring it in to the Recreation & Activities Office and we will make sure it is added to the collection. It can be anything from a great catch, fun filled activities, or even just a pretty photo taken around Bimini.


If you have any questions about anything in the display or anything not in the display, please do not hesitate to ask. Our friendly staff in the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Department are here to assist you.




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