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Summer 2008 Newsletter



Bimini Sands Shark Encounter



Have you experienced one of Bimini Sands’ Shark Encounters yet? If not, Bimini Sands Recreation Department offers a chance to feed wild sharks every Saturday afternoon.


Bimini is well-known for having a large shark population, and now you too can get up-close and personal with these ocean predators.

During the feeding the sharks come right to the surface, so everyone – young & old, adventurous & cautious - can watch the action from the safety of the boat. Plus one of our experienced guides will give an in-depth description of the sharks, their behavior, the myths that surround them, and answer any questions you might have.


After the feeding we invite anyone that would like to swim with the sharks to get in the water and experience these amazing creatures in the wild first hand. And since this all takes place on a beautiful reef, in addition to the sharks, there is an endless amount of other marine life to enjoy as you snorkel.


It is an experience that you won’t want to miss.


Hope to see you at our next Shark Encounter!!




Bimini Sands on YouTube



Bimini Sands now has its own YouTube channel featuring videos made around the resort, as well as some of our favorite clips from around Bimini.


Check out for the latest TV ads, event highlights, and other island excitement featuring the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, as well as our sister property, the Bimini Sands Beach Club.


Check back often as videos will be added throughout the year!







Wednesday is Karaoke Night at Mackey's Sand Bar


If you have not made it to the Beach Club on a Wednesday night yet, it is something you should definitely experience very soon.

Mackey’s Sand Bar is transformed into a Karaoke Bar every Wednesday night and it has become one of our busiest nights of the week!!

So whether you think you can sing, or just enjoy listening to others that think they can sing, don’t miss our next Wednesday Night Karaoke at Mackey’s Sandbar.





Sharks of Bimini



Few animals in the world can stir the kind of emotional response that sharks can. Whether it be fear, excitement, terror or awe, the sheer mention of these ocean predators incites a reaction from everyone.


Through movies and sensational news reports, generations of people have been taught that sharks are mindless, vicious killers. But is there any truth to these kind of statements, or do they just help boost ratings? Are sharks really out to get us?


There are over 450 different species of sharks in the world, and only about 20 of those pose any threat to people. Each year an average of 5-10 people are killed by sharks world-wide, with another 50-70 receiving non-fatal bites, usually to the hand or foot. To put that in perspective, in the U.S. alone dogs usually kill between 30-40 people every year, and bite more than 10,000. Across the globe, coconuts falling from trees actually kill more people every year than sharks do.


As top predators, sharks play a key role in the in the balance of every ocean ecosystem, and influence the health of everything from fish populations to corals. As a simple rule, the more sharks you have in an area, the healthier the ecosystem, and vice versa. And as far as being mindless fish, that is also far from the truth. Sharks have been shown to learned trained behaviors up to 80 times faster than domestic cats.


Shark populations in the Atlantic have declined between 70-95% over the last 30 years, and while sport-fishing had little to do with that collapse, the continuous hunting of sharks is now playing an ever-increasing threat to the health of the oceans.


Rather than a monster to be feared, sharks should be respected as the kings of the ocean, keeping our planet’s largest ecosystem healthy and reminding us that we are, indeed, just part of the food- chain.





Friday Night Outdoor Movies


Bimini Sands has started an all new activity for the whole family – Outdoor Movie Night. And best of all…the movie and popcorn are free!!


We have a huge 12-foot big screen outdoor theater system that we will be setting up on the Bimini Sands Beach Club Beach every Friday night and showing a movie entertaining to all ages. This summer the movie will start every Friday at 8:30pm.


So bring a beach towel or blanket or use one of our chairs to sit back, relax, have some popcorn, and enjoy the show!


Contact the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Department for more information — 1-242-347-3500





Bimini Sands Independence Day Celebration


Our Independence Day celebrations were a huge success again this year. On the 4th of July all of us here at Bimini Sands did everything we could to help our American guests celebrate their special day.


The live music, drink specials, delicious food, and of course the spectacular firework show made it a memorable and fun night for everyone. We had a huge turnout and were happy so many people decided to spend their Independence Day with us at Bimini Sands.


Before we could recover from that celebration, we did it all over again just 6 days later for the Bahamian Independence on July 10th. The World Famous crew from Rainbow Fireworks of Kansas displayed another jaw-dropping firework show for everyone to enjoy.


Both of these nights were great for all of us here at Bimini Sands, and we just hope that you enjoyed them as much as we did.


Next year when making your Independence Day plans, don’t forget about the fun and festivities here at Bimini Sands.



Bimini Sands Poolside Tiki Bar



Bimini Sands Poolside Tiki Bar is now open every Thursday and Friday from 11am – 7 pm. Whether you are waiting on your boat to clear customs, hanging by the pool, or just passing by, stop by the Tiki bar to see what we have to offer.


Not only will we be serving fresh conch salad, conch fritters, and cold drinks, additionally, we will be showcasing some of Bimini’s unique crafts and cultural items. Don’t miss our hand woven straw baskets and bags, medicinal bush teas, Bimini Bread and other traditional Bahamian items.




Bahamian Conch Salad - Perfect for a Hot Summer Day!

Next time you are in Bimini, make sure you check it out and enjoy some fresh conch salad and a cold drink while you relax by the pool.


4 fresh conch – cleaned
1 large sweet pepper
1 medium onion
2 tomatoes
5 limes—juiced
1 orange—juiced (optional)
1 habanera/goat pepper (optional)
Salt and Pepper



Dice all vegetables & conch. Mix together in large bowl. Cover with the orange and lime juice. Salt and Pepper to taste. Serve Immediately.



Don’t want to make your own, come visit the Bimini Sands’ Poolside Tiki Bar every Thursday & Friday and try come of our delicious Conch Salad!!






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