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Fall 2008 Newsletter



Another Beautiful Bimini Wedding

On October 4th we were able to watch two of our very own tie the knot.  All of us here at Bimini Sands would like to congratulate Donnie & Sophie Roberts on their marriage.  Donnie has worked as a dock master at Bimini Sands for 4 years and Sophie in our bars and restaurants for 6 years.  They are both valued employees here at Bimini Sands, and we were happy to be part of making their wedding day special for the two of them and all their guests. 


With the help of the Bimini Sands team, Donnie and Sophie arranged a beautiful outdoor wedding with a reception following inside the Beach Club Restaurant.  Even in spite of a little rain, it was still an enjoyable day for everyone! 


Bimini Sands has hosted many weddings over the years and has an experienced team dedicated to making this very special day perfect and unique for each bride and groom.  For more information on planning a wedding here at Bimini Sands, please contact Viveca in the Main Office. 





Bimini Idol Contest

Just to add even more excitement to our already popular Karaoke Night, Mackey’s Sand Bar has now started its very own Bimini Idol Contest!  We are still having Karaoke every Wednesday night, but now, if you enter the contest, you have a chance to win cash - a total of $1,000.00 will be awarded.  What could be easier?  Plus the winner will be chosen on December 3, just in time to have a little extra spending cash for this Christmas season.  Click here to see the winners


Even if you are not competing in our Bimini Idol Contest, don’t miss the excitement and your chance to vote for your favorite Idol every Wednesday at Mackey’s Sand Bar!!!





ESPN2 at Bimini Sands

George Poveromo, from ESPN2's hit show "George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing" recently made another trip to the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina to film for an upcoming episode. 


George and his crew have made several trips to Bimini in that past, drawn by the legendary fishing and fantastic accommodations.  George Poveromo recently noted that, "Bimini Sands Resort & Marina is the place to be when visiting Bimini.  The facility has everything from upscale accommodations to eco-tours."


During his last visit, George stayed with us while filming his "Bimini Shootout" episode.  Stay tuned to the Bimini Sands website, and George Poveromo's website ( for more information on the upcoming Bimini show.





Bimini Kayaking Adventures



Bimini is well-known for its big game fishing, SCUBA, and snorkeling but few visitors take advantage of one of Bimini’s  most unique and enjoyable activities—kayaking!


The islands of Bimini are woven together with shallow ponds, creeks and lagoons that provide breathtaking views and exceptional possibilities to experience unique Bahamian wildlife.  Whatever your skill or experience level, we have the perfect place for you to get immersed into the island atop one of our easy-to-use ocean kayaks.


Guided tours are available, with our knowledgeable guides leading you deep within Bimini’s mangrove creek mazes, to the fabled Healing Hole, or just out for a simple paddle in a near-by pond.  Or if you would prefer to explore on your own, our staff would be happy to give you some useful tips and point you in the right direction. 


On your next trip to Bimini don’t miss this opportunity to explore the island’s clear, calm waters in a whole new way.  



Bimini Sands Children's Halloween Party

Join us this year as we help the children of Bimini celebrate Halloween.  Our Children’s Halloween Party will be held at Bimini Sands Beach Club on the 31st from 4-7pm.  We will have plenty of treats for the kiddies, free face painting for children without costumes, scavenger hunts, pumpkin decorating, a haunted house, costume contests and more.


For more information contact the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activities Department




Sawfish in Bimini


Grant Johnson, Activities Director at Bimini Sands


Few of the animals found around Bimini are as bizarre, or rare, as the sawfish.  With seven different species of sawfish found around the world, the Bahamas is home to the largest, and possibly the rarest of them all.  The Smalltooth Sawfish is listed globally as a "critically endangered" species, and Bimini's shallow lagoons provide crucial habitat for this amazing fish. 


The sawfish gets its name, quite obviously, from the long toothy projection that extends off the front of its head.  This saw is called a "rostrum."  And while the rostrum looks like a dangerous weapon, it is most commonly used to catch small fish which are a major component of the sawfish’s diet.  Sawfish hunt by impaling or stunning small fish with swift side-to-side swipes of the rostrum. 


Over the years people around Bimini have reported seeing sawfish up to 16-18 ft long, though they can actually grow to over 20 ft in total length.  While they are one of the largest fish in the Bahamas, they pose no threat to people.  Over-fishing and habitat loss are the two threats that have pushed the sawfish towards the edge of extinction, but hopefully with more information available to the public, we can protect the sawfish for decades to come.





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