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Bimini Sands has created a brand new experience on the island of Bimini with the Bimini Nature Trail. The islands of Bimini are legendary for their marine thrills, but there is another side to the island rarely seen by visitors.

The Bimini Nature Trail is open for both guided and self-guided tours. Self-guided tours give visitors a chance to take in the scenery at their own pace, whether you want to use the trail for a morning jog or an all day adventure. The Bimini Nature Trail has several signs highlighting the plants and wildlife found along the way, so that anyone entering the trail can exit it with a better understanding of Bimini’s natural wonders.

Guided tours are lead by one of our professional guides, each of which have years of experience with Bimini’s unique wildlife. Visitors will not only be able to learn more about Bimini’s animal and plant life, but also hear stories about the ecology and history of Bimini that aren’t offered anywhere else. Guided tours also present the opportunity to get 'hands-on' experience with some of the animals of Bimini, such as the Bimini Boa. Our friendly guides will help make your experience on the Bimini Nature Trail truly unique.

Guided Tours - $12.00 adults / $ 6.00 kids
Self-Guided – Free













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