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Lobster Season Opens August 1st



Get ready for one of the most highly anticipated times of the year around Bimini, the August 1st start of the open-season for Bimini’s Spiny Lobster fishery. Both locals and visitors alike look forward to this date every year, anxious to head out on the water in search of this seafood delicacy.


The Bahamian Government prohibits harvesting lobster from April 1 to July 31 in order to let the population reproduce and recover from the previous years harvest. This also gives the lobsters time to move back onto the reefs and wrecks around Bimini without being taken. As exciting as the open-season for lobster is, there are a few rules to remember when catching some “bugs” for yourself.


1) The catch limit is 10 lobster per vessel, not per person


2) Any lobster taken must have a tail measuring at least 5.5 inches.


3) The taking of egg-bearing females is ALWAYS prohibited


4) The use of traps is prohibited, unless you have a specific permit


5) The use of bleach, or any other noxious substance, is prohibited


6) The use of SCUBA equipment to capture any marine product is prohibited


7) And while it is ok to use pole-spears or Hawaiian slings to catch lobster in the Bahamas, it is always prohibited to spear fish or lobster within 200 yards from shore around Bimini.




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