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Bimini Trivia and Lore



• Jimmy Buffett spent a few months living on south Bimini writing one of his best-selling novels. He was known to frequent the Compleat Angler.


• A native is referred to as a Biminite.


• The bluefin tuna record in Bimini is 971 pounds caught in 1993.


• The Bimini Beach Club Restaurant and Mackey's Sand Bar stand on what was once the private home of Colonel Mackey, the founder of Mackey Airlines, later purchased by Eastern Airlines.


• He led the development of south Bimini and the Port Royale area back in the 50’s.


• At night you can see the faint glow of the Miami lights on the horizon.

• You think your boat is small? One adventurous couple sailed over on a homebuilt, 10-foot wooden sailboat.

• It is rumored that Howard Hughes stayed on the island, not surprisingly, no one seems to be able to confirm this.

• The first casino in the Bahamas was on Bimini in the
1920’s. It went belly-up and then the hurricane of 1926 physically wiped it out. Actually there was a casino license granted even earlier by the English Crown to the owner of Cat Cay, though it has long since ceased to be valid.

• The Duke and Duchess of Windsor once visited the island and went fishing with Bonefi Sam.

• The first marlin caught on Bimini was in 1933 - a whopping 155 pounds.

• In 1979 Sam Jennings landed a marlin weighing 1,060 pounds. Marlin over a thousand pounds are known as granders.


• Ponce DeLeon visited the island on his quest for the Fountain of Youth.


• From the air, parts of east Bimini seem to form the outline of a shark, the so-called “shark mounds.”


• Fallen politicians seem to gravitate to Bimini – the list includes Richard Nixon, Gary Hart and Adam Clayton Powell. It’s a safe bet they won’t be the last.


• The Ocean in Chalks Ocean Airways was originally added in relation to Ocean Bank here in South Florida.


• Piccolo Pete was chosen to represent the Bahamas and its musical folklore at the Smithsonian Institution in the summer of 1992. During the terrible hurricane of 1926 he lost both his parents when they were blown into the sea while seeking shelter at the Bimini Bay Rod and Gun Club. The club was largely destroyed by the storm.


• During Prohibition, large liquor barges were permanently moored in the waters of the banks between Bimini and Cat Cay. Smaller vessels would then make clandestine runs to the US with the illegal booty. The fleet was wiped out by the 1926 hurricane. Occasional liquor bottles continue to be found by divers and snorkelers.


• Contrary to popular belief, the Sapona (the concrete wreck) did not get blown aground during the 1926 hurricane. She ran aground while being towed and local ships were unable to dislodge her. A hurricane did shear the stern from the bow.


• The Compleat Angler was built using wood from old rum barrels and liquor barges.


• Martin Luther King worked on his 1964 Nobel Prize acceptance speech while out with Ansil Saunders near the Bonefish Hole.


• The colors on the Bahamas flag are as follows. Blue represents the sea and sky. Gold represents the tropical sun. Black represents unity, vibrancy and strength.


• Conch is pronounced like bonk, Cay is pronounced like key.


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Rockwell Mansion




Seaplanes in 1960's


The Compleat Angler


The Sapona - 1930's










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